“Relationship anarchy questions the idea that love is a limited resource that can only be real if restricted to a couple. You have capacity to love more than one person, and one relationship and the love felt for that person does not diminish love felt for another.”

The short instructional manifesto for relationship anarchy, Andie Nordgren


These ideas had been in my mind since as long as I can remember. It was not until I read the manifesto that I realized I was not delusional. From October 2016 until June 2017, I dedicated myself to explore the concept of relationship anarchy both personally and artistically.

Many things happened during these months. So much happened that looking back at it, it now feels like a lifetime. I loved more intensely than ever, but I also suffered like I did not think it was possible.

Almost magically, this bittersweet happiness transformed into the pieces below. Creating that meant literally giving away pieces of myself. Like a seed that was to bloom. It meant cutting myself open in front of everyone, it meant opening the doors of my home, my bedroom, my life, for everyone to see that what we took for granted might not be so. That there are alternative ways to live life and love.

Because beyond everything, relationship anarchy is a philosophy of love.


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It all went like a cascade. First came a text, I suppose it was my own written response to Nordgren’s manifesto. I had never felt before the words coming to me like that. I wrote so fast that I had problems to recognize my own handwritting. It was some deep urge to put on the paper what I never dared saying out loud.

And after months of developing different concepts, came the installation. It was the moment to open up to all the strangers coming into my home. To see, to try to understand, and to judge. To interact, to dream and maybe also to evolve.

This exhibition was supported and co-organized by the University of Arts of Poznan (Poland).